Home & Office Chairs with natural and ergonomic design



  • Independent & Active Dual Backrest
    Wing-type backrest with thick foaming sponge and rectangular fabric tilts actively and independently in response to user’s movement. Moreover, it disperses weight evenly and make a user feel comfortable.
  • Lumbar Support
    The lumbar support with thick sponge and mesh fabric gives more comfortable and effective support to user’s lumbar.
  • Ergonomic Seat
    The W-type seat, designed ergonomically, uses the thick foaming ponge and the well ventilated mesh fabric.
  • Well Ventilated 3 layers Mesh Fabric
    Mesh fabric, woven in 3 layers, can easily release heat and moisture during sitting for a long time.
  • Urethane Bumper
    It actively responses to user’s movement and support wing-type ackrest, dispersing weight.
  • Thick Foaming Sponge
    As the foaming sponge, fitting the hip line, has good resilience and cushion, it let users feel more comfortable.
  • Multi-Control Headrest
    The headrest bolt adjusts the height and angle of the headrest. The headrest is detachable if it is not in use.
  • Height Adjustment
    The height of the chair is easily adjusted by pushing up or down the lever.
  • Strong T-type Armrest
    T-type armrest, made of strong plastic, provides more comfort during sitting long time.
  • Silence Urethane Caster
    The durable urethane wheel reduces the noise and keep the chair move smoothly.
  • Backrest Adjustment
    The tilting lever can easily adjust intensity of the backrest by rotating clockwise.