Home & Office Chairs with natural and ergonomic design



  • 2-in-1 Chair
    The chair can be used as a floor chair, detaching the legs.
  • Hole-Type Backrest
    Well ventilated backrest make users feel pleasant even long seating hours.
  • Comfortable Armrest
    The size-friendly armrest makes user’s arm comfortable
  • Double Lockstitch
    The seat becomes more strong and comfortable by applying double lockstitch.
  • W-type Seat
    As W-type seat with foaming sponge has resilience has good resilience and rich cushion, it keeps users sit in the correct posture even long seating hours
  • Fixed Support
    As the fixed support is installed in the backrest, it enables users to sit more stably.
  • 5 legs with urethane wheel
    As 5 legs effectively disperse weight, users can sit on the chair with comfort for a long time. And the urethane wheel reduces the noise and keep the chair move smoothly.