Home & Office Chairs with natural and ergonomic design



  • Backrest with BRM Mesh
    Fabric As mesh fabric is made of high density polyester yarn, Sally Mesh provide the good ventilation and comfort with the better elasticity and tension than nylon.
  • Built-in Lumbar Support
    As the lumbar support is built in the backrest, it enables a user to sit more comfortably.
  • Square Type Seat
    The modern design of the seat is soft and well ventilated with artificial leather and mesh fabric
  • Detachable Angle Armrest
    The detachable armrest is very convenient to use and keep user’s arm comfortable.
  • Height Adjustment
    The height of the chair is easily adjusted by pushing up or down the ever.
  • Strong Plastic 5 legs
    As the high strength of the plastic 5 legs disperses weight, users can sit on the chair with comfort for a long time.
  • Silence Urethane Caster
    The durable urethane wheel reduces the noise and keep the chair move smoothly.