Home & Office Chairs with natural and ergonomic design



  • Dynamic Seat Plate
    The depth of the seat is easily adjusted to fit the body, pulling over the lever in the side of the chair.
  • Dynamic Lumbar Support
    The dynamic lumbar support is effectively adjusted by using elastomer support, in response to your movement.
  • Synchronized Tilt System (Double Locking)
    Synchronized Tilt System makes the backrest and the seat tilt separately in different angles by pushing up or down the lever under the chair.
  • Armrest Depth Adjustment
    The armrest is adjustable, moving front and back.
  • Dynamic Headrest
    The ergonomically designed headrest is adjustable by simply pushing up or down the headrest.
  • BM Mesh Fabric
    Heat and moisture releasing BM Mesh fabric enables you to sit on the chair for a long time with comfort.
  • Height Adjustment
    The height of the chair is easily adjusted by pushing up or down the lever.
  • Strong Plastic 5 legs
    As the high strength of the plastic 5 legs disperses weight, users can sit on the chair with comfort for a long time.
  • Silence Urethane Caster
    The durable urethane wheel reduces the noise and keep the chair move smoothly.