Home & Office Chairs with natural and ergonomic design

New Trans


  • Dual Mode System Chair with the new concept function.
    Transrest can be used as headrest or lumbar support by moving up or down
  • Rectangular Fabric
    As rectangular fabric is well ventilated and durable, the color and design is not transformed, even if using the chair long time.
  • Free Angle Headrest & Lumbar Support
    The angle is actively adjusted, in response of user’s movement.
  • Thick & Ergonomic Backrest Cushion
    The cushion with thick foaming sponge disperses weight evenly as well as make a user feel comfortable.
  • Grip & Hanger
    As the large grip is installed in the backside of trans rest, a user can easily move the chair or hang his/her clothes on there like hanger.
  • Backrest Height Adjustment
    The height of the backrest is adjusted up to 5 cm with the bolt.


  • Trickle Type Backrest
    The water drop is a motive to design the back side of the backrest. The back side as well as the front side is focused on luxurious design.
  • Double Stitch
    The seat becomes more strong and comfortable by applying double stitching.
  • Ergonomic Seat
    The seat with thick foaming sponge and rectangular fabric is well ventilated and makes a user fell comfortable, even if sitting on the chair for a long time.
  • Strong Triangle Armrest
    Wave-type armrest supports the arms more safely and comfortably
  • Backrest Adjustment
    The tilting lever can easily adjust intensity ofthe backrest by rotating clockwise
  • Strong Plastic 5 legs
    As the high strength of the plastic 5 legs disperses weight, users can sit on the chair with comfort for a long time.
  • Height Adjustment Lever
    The height of the chair is easily adjusted by pushing