Home & Office Chairs with natural and ergonomic design

3D Airzone Mesh


  • Sitting long is increasing the heat on the back and hip because the chair is not ventilated well. As 3D AIRZONE ventilation cushion gives off the heat and makes cool air flow in, it keeps the body cool, despite of sitting for a long time.
  • 3D mesh backrest can give off the heat quickly and keep the body cool.
  • The square-type seat with solid cushion and 3D mesh fabric becomes more strong and comfortable, applying double lock stitch.
  • T-type armrest with durability provides more comfort. And chrome eye point makes it more luxurious.
  • The tilting lever of the backrest can easily adjust intensity of the backrest by rotating clockwise.
  • The height of the chair is easily adjusted by pushing up or down the lever.
  • As the high strength of the plastic 5 legs disperses weight, users can sit on the chair with comfort for a long time.